NEW! Video: Massage Sequences for Esthetic Tools - Learn 4 unique massage sequences to use with your favorite esthetic tools. Lymphatic drainage with a gua sha board, facial rollers to soothe and cool the skin, gua sha mushrooms to release muscle tension and ice globes to reduce redness and inflammation.


Downloadable Videos

Follow along with the massage sequence and subtitles to learn Enhanced Touch Method of :-

  • Video - Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage
  • Video - European Aromatherapy Face Massage
  • Video - Revitalizing Eye Massage
  • Video - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage
  • Video - Facial Acupressure

Alternatively, enroll in the online course for a more thorough training with chapters on Treatment guidelines, Marketing suggestions, Anatomy review, Step by Step of each movement, Refining your techniques and more. Earn a hard copy certificate and a bonus gift when completed. Videos are available as a valuable future resource at a greatly reduced rate for alumni students.

  • Online Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage Course 
  • Online European Aromatherapy Face Massage Course
  • Online Revitalizing Eye Massage Course 
  • Online Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Course 
  • Online Facial Acupressure Course

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