Facial Acupressure

Learning in a small class setting allows me to give you my undivided attention and you’ll experience the deeply relaxing effects of this touch technique from myself, your instructor, and fellow estheticians in class.

To enroll in this class email gaynor@enhanced-touch.com

As a prerequisite to the class, you will be sent a short webinar to view to provide some background theory. A short multiple-choice assessment must then be completed prior to the hands-on practical class.

  • Certificate of completion, class notes and cheat sheet of the sequence is provided
  • Class time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (time may vary depending on class size)
  • Career investment: $299.99

To reinforce your learning, you’ll have the option to purchase Facial Acupressure video for $9.99, saving $25 on regular price.

To enroll in this class email gaynor@enhanced-touch.com