Welcome to my Classroom

Allow me to guide you through any of my massage techniques in an ideal learning environment in calm and serene surroundings. With a maximium of 4 students per class you can rest assured you'll receive my undivided attention and leave confident and comfortable with your new skill.


Currently, all In Person classes are held on Mondays in Walnut Creek, CA.


I operate a flexible schedule so you're not limited to set dates and each class is held subject to demand.


You can read each class description below then simply email me gaynor@enhanced-touch.com which technique you would like to learn and a couple of your ideal dates. I look forward to teaching you.

Facial Acupressure

Facial Acupressure is a deeply relaxing massage technique whereby specific points on the face and neck are rhythmically pressed to encourage the smooth flow of energy. During this one day hands on class you will experience the relaxation effect yourself as well as learn the entire sequence to incorporate into your skincare treatments.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage of the Face and Neck

The feather light pressure used in this technique makes lymphatic drainage massage a highly versatile technique suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is specifically effective for inflamed, congested and irritated skins. As the lymphatic system is a component of the immune system it serves to neutralize toxins and calm the skin internally.

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European Aromatherapy Face Massage

Transport your clients to a zone of serenity with this ultra-soothing facial massage technique. Combing the fragrant power of essential oils help to balance the skin, improve well-being and induce a deep state of relaxation.

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Revitalizing Eye Massage

Designed to counteract facial expressions by manipulating the small intricate muscles around the eyes with this fingertip technique.

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Stress Reducing Scalp Massage

Release tension and tightness in the entire scalp with fascia release techniques. Along with gentle neck stretches and calming effleurage strokes this touch technique sequence will prove to be a very popular addition to your service menu.

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Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage

Soothes nerve endings and smoothes tight muscles helping release tension in the neck and back of the body while the front is lifted and toned. This course was created for those who were taught a fabulous face massage in school but never a specific sequence of the upper chest, shoulders, upper back and neck.

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Soothing & Smoothing Hand & Arm Massage

Working from shoulders to fingertips, this highly effective massage touch technique focuses on joints, muscles and nerve endings. With an abundance of nerve endings in the glabrous skin of the hands, these techniques comfort and soothe. Joints are warmed and muscles are smoothed releasing tension. A perfect addition while face masque is working on the skin.

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