European Aromatherapy Face Massage Course - Learn European Aromatherapy Face Massage and you’ll have a great alternative to traditional face massage techniques suitable for every skin condition. Incorporating touch techniques for sinus relief, soothe nerve endings along with elements of lymphatic drainage and embracing the power of essential oils to have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. A truly holistic experience for your esthetic clients. Created for all  estheticians, trainees, newly licensed and industry veterans.

Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage Course - Created for estheticians looking for a sequence covering the neck, upper back and décolleté to add the their European face massage sequence, to include it as a treatment enrichment (add-on) or create a specific treatment protocol for this area. The combination of techniques provides age management as well as relaxation benefits.

Revitalizing Eye Massage Course - Learn this focused massage sequence specifically for the eye area to incorporate into your esthetic services. Addresses signs of aging by lifting, smoothing and soothing the tissues encouraging a healthy, revitalizing appearance. This self paced course can be viewed in several hours and gives you 90 days to learn and master your new skill.

Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Course - Learn how to effectively release stored tension in the scalp area with this stress reducing technique. This self paced course can be viewed in several hours and gives you 90 days to learn and master your new skill. Easy to learn, yet highly effective sequence, to quickly calm your clients providing a deeply relaxing break from today's hectic world.

Facial Acupressure Course - Gain the confidence, peace of mind and skill to massage ANY skin condition with this revitalizing, re-energizing & relaxing facial massage technique. This self paced course can be completed in half a day and gives you 90 days to practice and refine your new skill.

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Subtitled videos of the full online course massage routines.

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*Video - European Aromatherapy Face Massage Full Routine

*Video - Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage Full Routine

*Video - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Full Routine

*Video - Revitalizing Eye Massage Full Routine

*For full instruction of each of these techniques please enroll in the online course of the same name.

These standalone training videos provide more than just a video and less info than an online course. Condensed learning experiences with downloadable content includes;
Subtitled videos
Treatment Guidelines
Step by Step massage routine.

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NEW! Video - Soothing Hand & Arm Massage - 
This is the perfect skill to comfort and soothe every client from shoulders to fingertips. An ideal addition to any facial treatment. Massage while steaming the face, when masque has been applied or while under LED panel.

Video: Massage Sequences for Esthetic Tools - 
Learn 4 unique massage sequences to use with your favorite esthetic tools. Lymphatic drainage with a gua sha board, facial rollers to soothe and cool the skin, gua sha mushrooms to release muscle tension and ice globes to reduce redness and inflammation.​​​
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