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European Aromatherapy Face Massage Course - Learn European Aromatherapy Face Massage and you’ll have a great alternative to traditional face massage techniques suitable for every skin condition. Incorporating touch techniques for sinus relief, soothe nerve endings along with elements of lymphatic drainage and embracing the power of essential oils to have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. A truly holistic experience for your esthetic clients. Created for all  estheticians, trainees, newly licensed and industry veterans.

Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage Course - Created for estheticians looking for a sequence covering the neck, upper back and décolleté to add the their European face massage sequence, to include it as a treatment enrichment (add-on) or create a specific treatment protocol for this area. The combination of techniques provides age management as well as relaxation benefits.

Revitalizing Eye Massage Course - Learn this focused massage sequence specifically for the eye area to incorporate into your esthetic services. Addresses signs of aging by lifting, smoothing and soothing the tissues encouraging a healthy, revitalizing appearance. This self paced course can be viewed in several hours and gives you 90 days to learn and master your new skill.

Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Course - Learn how to effectively release stored tension in the scalp area with this stress reducing technique. This self paced course can be viewed in several hours and gives you 90 days to learn and master your new skill. Easy to learn, yet highly effective sequence, to quickly calm your clients providing a deeply relaxing break from today's hectic world.

Facial Acupressure Course - Gain the confidence, peace of mind and skill to massage ANY skin condition with this revitalizing, re-energizing & relaxing facial massage technique. This self paced course can be completed in half a day and gives you 90 days to practice and refine your new skill.

Simply click on this link below to view entire collection of courses and downloadable videos.



Subtitled videos of the full online course massage routines.

Select from:

*Video - European Aromatherapy Face Massage Full Routine

*Video - Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage Full Routine

*Video - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Full Routine

*Video - Revitalizing Eye Massage Full Routine

*For full instruction of each of these techniques please enroll in the online course of the same name.


These standalone training videos provide more than just a video and less info than an online course. Condensed learning experiences with downloadable content includes;
Subtitled videos
Treatment Guidelines
Step by Step massage routine.

Select from:

NEW! Video - Soothing Hand & Arm Massage - 
This is the perfect skill to comfort and soothe every client from shoulders to fingertips. An ideal addition to any facial treatment. Massage while steaming the face, when masque has been applied or while under LED panel.

Video: Massage Sequences for Esthetic Tools - 
Learn 4 unique massage sequences to use with your favorite esthetic tools. Lymphatic drainage with a gua sha board, facial rollers to soothe and cool the skin, gua sha mushrooms to release muscle tension and ice globes to reduce redness and inflammation.

Online courses and videos imageOnline courses and videos image


Allow me to guide you through any of my massage techniques in an ideal learning environment in calm and serene surroundings. With a maximium of 4 students per class you can rest assured you'll receive my undivided attention and leave confident and comfortable with your new skill.

Where are In Person classes held?

Currently, all In Person classes are held in Walnut Creek, CA

When are classes held?

Classes are taught on a "on demand" basis, meaning YOU get to choose a date that works with YOUR schedule. Generally, classes are held on Mondays.

How do I book an In Person class?

You can read each class description below then simply email me gaynor@enhanced-touch.com which technique you would love to learn and you'll be sent a link to enroll. I look forward to teaching you and enhancing YOUR touch!

Cost of Career Investment?

Prices vary from technique to technique and are listed below. Simply click on the orange button 'LEARN MORE'.

Facial Acupressure

Facial Acupressure

Learn Facial Acupressure and you’ll have a re-energizing face massage technique ideal for ALL skin conditions that’s easy on your hands. This additional skill set will allow you to increase revenue by using as add-on service and expand treatment options. Deeply relaxing for your client, enhancing results, helping you build your business with repeat customers.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage of the Face & Neck

Lymphatic Drainage Massage of the Face & Neck

Learn Lymphatic Drainage Massage and you’ll have a detoxifying face massage technique to use on skin conditions such as acne and rosacea with congestion in the dermis. Increase your revenue by using as an add-on or simply enrich your existing treatments. Assist your clients in achieving their skincare goals, by enhancing results, helping you shape your business with returning customers.

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European Aromatherapy Face Massage

European Aromatherapy Face Massage

Master European Aromatherapy Face Massage and you’ll have a holistic technique to help balance body, mind and spirit by combining the fragrant power of essential oils selected for each skin. Create a new facial with your fresh skill being the focus of the service and generate more revenue.

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Revitalizing Eye Massage

Revitalizing Eye Massage

Learn Revitalizing Eye Massage and you’ll have a targeted skill to manipulate the intricate muscles around the eyes. A perfect add-on to any age management facial, relaxation facial lash or brow service to boost business sales. Easy on your hands, inducing a feeling of serenity, this focused sequence will have clients requesting it every time.

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Stress Reducing Scalp Massage

Stress Reducing Scalp Massage

Learn Scalp Reducing Scalp Massage and you’ll have a stress busting technique to use on every client. Employ this add-on massage sequence at start, middle or end of a facial to boost service sales and increase client satisfaction and re-booking rates.

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Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage

Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage

Learn Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage and you’ll have a solid technique to address muscle tension in the shoulders with age management of décolleté. Discover how this versatile skill set can be used in multiple ways to increase revenue and lead to greater client satisfaction.

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Soothing & Smoothing Hand & Arm Massage

Soothing & Smoothing Hand & Arm Massage

Learn Soothing & Smoothing Hand & Arm Massage and you’ll have the perfect skill to comfort and soothe every client from shoulders to fingertips. Incorporate this skill into your signature facial or offer it for free to promote specific esthetic services to increase your service sales.

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You will find some fun, free stuff if you head over to the online learning platform. Click on link below in orange.

  • A video of treatment protocols; Revitalizing Eye Treatment  
  • A mini course on Facial Acupressure  
  • A webinar teaching you how you can easily Increase Your Revenue with Touch Technique Add-ons

Free for you imageFree for you imageFree for you image
Are you a beauty/esthetic school owner or instructor?

If so, you can have access to my FREE one hour webinar Discover the Power of Your Touch created for your students.

Engaging, fun and informative presentation with certificate of completion to add to their portfolio.

Includes 15 multiple choice questions to reinforce learning with 80% pass rate

Perfect as homework assignments allowing students to learn and earn 1 hour towards their total stateboard hours.

Contact me on form below or email me gaynor@enhanced-touch.com and expand your students knowldege for FREE!
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Hi, I’m Gaynor. I've been in the esthetics industry for quite some time now, over 30 years in fact. One of the most valuable skills that helped me succeed was developing a professional and caring touch. Investing in the dexterity of our hands and the sensitivity of our touch stays with us where ever we may practice.

My initial training was in my hometown of Birmingham, England and I've continued to learn and practice numerous styles of massage techniques over the years some even taught by top industry experts themselves. As an eager student it was a natural transition for me to progress into role of an educator to share my skills and knowledge.

I moved to California in 2001 and taught nationally and internationally for various companies creating class curriculum, training modules as well as treatment protocols to support estheticians for their success.

Now my path has brought me to a place where I combine my passions of working with my hands, teaching and sharing various massage techniques to fellow estheticians helping refine their hands-on skills to enhance their client’s experience.

In person classes are taught in California and online classes anywhere in the world!

All classes are inspired, created and taught by me, Gaynor Farmer-Katics LE, CIBTAC dip.

About imageAbout imageAbout image
There are several benefits to learning new techniques.
  • By broadening your repertoire of skills equips you to have a positive effect on a variety of skin conditions more effectively.
  • It encourages your hands to become more proficient leading to a more refined touch.
  • Fuels your passion and feeds your soul's desire to help clients feel better.
  • Deepens your mindfulness, stillness and awareness to benefit YOU as well as your client.
  • Expands and adds variety to your service menu for increased client satisfaction. It is fact, satisfied clients do return to you.
All of my massage techniques offer great flexibility as to when and where they may be incorporated into any service. Regardless of your specialty here are a few suggestions of how and why they add value to your service.
  • Lash or brow artist - Revitalizing Eye Massage prior to your lash work helps to relax fluttery eyelids.
  • Age Management - Your clients would benefit from all of my techniques, especially Facial Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  • Express facial services - Add Soothing and Smoothing Upper Body and Arm Massage during the masque stage of the treatment.
  • Chemical peels - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage avoids manipulating facial areas while still offering relaxation and pleasure.
  • Holistic approaches to skincare and traditional facials allow you to offer any and all of my techniques at various stages of your treatment.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Facial Acupressure will add to the efficacy of your acne or rosacea services. 
  • Help reduce stress and encourage deep relaxation with Anti-Stress Face Massage.
Students are welcome to attend any of my massage classes. It is highly recommended that you have at least 300 hours before signing up for Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Facial Acupressure.
Whether you attend an "in person" class or one online, I recommend the following;
  • Rest well the night before so you are more alert and receptive to absorb new information.
  • Practice, practice, practice! As soon as you get home or the next day have someone lined up who you can practice on. Repetition is the key to learning.
  • Even if you do not have someone you can practice on, repeating the sequence with your hands in mid air, you've heard of "air guitar" this is "air massage". It will still help the cognitive brain learn the routine.
Each class is purposely kept small and intimate assuring individual attention can be given to each learner. The maximum in some classes is 8 and other classes is 12.
One day classes minimize the time away from your home, practice or school for your convenience. I always encourage immediate practice following class to reinforce what you learned in class.
My lesson plans are well organized and consolidated ensuring maximum learning takes place.
Facial Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage Massage have a prerequisite of a webinar and assessment to complete prior to attending the practical class. This allows to solely focus on the techniques themselves.
Alternatively, if you prefer to learn over a longer period of time why not consider enrolling in an online course?
I recommend you wear comfortable clothing, what you would normally wear when you treat your clients. Flat comfortable shoes also help with you posture and alignment as some techniques require standing.

You could bring a pencil (pens are provided) and all of the learning guides are issued in class. The only other thing is a smile and an open, willing attitude to learn something new. 
As the focus of each class is for you to learn and practice new techniques theory is kept to a minimum. In order to fully understand where you hands, fingers or thumbs should be placed, a brief overview of anatomy is included in most of the classes.
Regular emails include latest class dates and helpful hints and tips for creating the most sensory facial experience.