19 Feb

We all have such busy lives with endless "to-do" lists. It can be a challenge for many people to really relax. People are constantly busy and rarely wind down.

When our facial clients book our services, we can create a deeply relaxing experience for them. Along with improving the look, feel and texture of their skin with products and devices, incorporating additional aspects of soothing touch will asisst in transporting them to a zone of tranquility. 

Remember, the act of relaxation itself is another huge benefit clients gain during a facial, it helps improve the skin by reducing inflammation, reduces stress and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

A great way estheticians can begin this relaxation process is by using one, two or all three of the following fantastic feeling openers at the start of your facials. 

1. Give a warm welcome massage. Warm half a teaspoon of massage oil infused with aromatic essential oils into your palms and spread across the decollete, around the shoulders and up the back of the neck. 

Repeat this smooth effleurage 3 times followed by several rows of thumb rotations in the shoulder area. As most of us carry tension in this area it sets off a relaxing tone even before the treatment begins.

2. Exhale and let go. Slowing down the breath is the quickest and easiest way to calm the nervous system and therefore the mind. 

While sitting at the head of the treatment bed place your hands on the client's shoulders and ask them to take in a deep, slow breath through their nose and out their mouth. Repeat 3 times. 

This could also be combined with the warm welcome massage for a deeper relaxation effect.

3. Draw the energy down. Where the attention goes, energy flows. If we are busy thinking all day, our attention stays in our heads.

We can help draw that energy and constant chatter in the mind down to the feet. 

By applying a *hot, moist towel, wrap around one foot to freshen the area, next add warmth by sandwiching the towel wrapped foot between your hands and come off at the toes. 

Repeat on the other foot and quickly tuck the feet under the blanket to stay warm. 

*Always check the towel temperature on the inside of your wrists before placing on the client

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