03 Feb

Are you spending longer than you would like removing a setting product from the skin? Learn a simple way to speed up the process while ensuring maximum comfort to your client.

Moisten first

Once a clay based product has set on the skin and performed it's job of absorbing sebum and refining skin texture, we need to moisten the product allowing it to be swiftly removed. One of the easiest ways this can be achieved is with the sponge and water method.

With a bowl of clean warm water and two sponges, wring out one sponge which will catch any water while leaving the other one saturated with water. Starting on the decollete, press the wet sponge into the skin to release the water as the other damp sponge catches any dripping fluid. Repeat this process over the entire chest area.

Wipe away second

Rinse and wring out both sponges in clean water and begin wiping away the product. It is more time efficient to complete one area at a time so the dampened product doesn't re-set. Repeat this process on the neck, chin and jawline, cheeks, nose and forehead. Stay mindful of the wet sponge as water can easily drip and feel uncomfortable for the client.

Whether you use sponges, 4 x 4, or microfiber cloths this method works for all of them. 

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