05 Jan

Of course you can be more economical with your products by simply applying less but that will jeopardize your results and negatively influence the outcome of your treatment. However, there are some common mistakes we esties make when applying product.

1. Start with an even spread.

If you're going to work product into the skin with your hands, go ahead and apply the product directly with your hands. It's a waste of time using a bowl and brush dirty if the product is going to be into the skin. Once you have the product evenly spread between your hands, very lightly smooth some product on the decollete, neck, jawline, cheeks forehead and nose. If you apply all of the product on the decollete you won't have enough for the rest of the face and you'll need to go back for more product.

2. Break out the brush.

If you're applying a product that be will left to sit on the skin or you're going to use a device to penetrate it into the skin you'll achieve a smoother, more even, more economical application if you use a mask brush. The product will also apply more evenly if you moisten the brush first. Otherwise the brush will absorb most of the product. Work the brush in a smooth, methodical manner for client's maximum tactile pleasure, rather than dabbing and poking one area to another.

3. Mist & spritz.

Many skin toners come in the form of a spritz these days which have huge benefits for the skin and for you. Spritzing eliminates the need of a cotton ball application or the blotting of excess toner with a tissue. It also hydrates the skin with a fine mist leaving the complexion in a receptive state to accept a moisturizer. Applying cream to a bone dry skin will cause it to absorb most of the product at the point of contact. With a damp, pre-toned skin the moisturizer will spread easily with a little effort you can work the product into the skin and you'll need less of it!

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