02 Mar

Did you know serums are the most expensive product per ounce that you use in your facial treatments? Packed with concentrated action ingredients these powerhouse products bring huge benefits to the skin. 

Here's 3 easy ways to ensure no product wastage for maximum profit.

1. Avoid the palms

If you pump, squeeze or dropper serum into your palm and rub your hands together (to warm the product) most of it has already been absorbed into your palms before it gets to the client!

2. Apply directly

Serums come packaged in different containers, depending on the brand, but most can be dispensed by the drop. Make the most of these potent products by dispensing them directly to the client's skin. This ensures an economical amount is used on the specific areas required. This is a particularly helpful method of application if more than one serum is being used in different areas.

3. Maximize your touch  

Place your fingertips of your "free" hand and dispense the serum onto the skin where your fingertips can catch the product and gently rotate product over the area in a smooth and methodical way. Repeat on cheeks and nose, chin, neck and decollete as required. 

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