17 Feb

Instead of diving straight into the cleansing routine why not maximize your client's experience with these fabulous feeling rituals at the start of your facials. We all have such busy lives with endless "to-do" lists it can be a challenge for many people to really relax.

Try these treatment starters to for the relaxation process to begin.

1. Draw it down

Draw the energy from the constant chatter in the mind down to the feet. With a hot, moist towel wrap around one foot to freshen the area and add warmth then sandwich the towel wrapped foot between your hands and come off at the toes. Repeat on the other foot and quickly tuck the feet under the blanket to stay warm. This will draw the attention to that area and where the attention goes, energy flows. *Always check the towel temperature on the inside of your wrists before placing on the client.

2. Breathe it out

Slowing down the breath is the quickest and easiest way to calm the nervous system and therefore the mind. While sitting at the head of the treatment bed place your hands on the client's shoulders and ask them to take in a deep, slow breath through their nose and out their mouth. Repeat 3 times.

3. Give a welcome massage

Warm half a teaspoon of massage oil infused with aromatic essential oils into your palms and spread across the decollete, around the shoulders and up the back of the neck. Repeat 3 times and work the shoulder area with a few thumb rotations. As most of us carry tension in this area it sets off a relaxing tone even before the treatment begins.

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