19 Jan

When was the last time you lay down on your treatment as one of your clients? It may be comfortable for the first five minutes but lying there for an hour facial treatment could be a different story. If you don't have a state of the art treatment bed complete with hydraulic controls, here are 5 simple ways to ensure client comfort.

1. Remember the memory (foam)

Lying on a bed with a memory foam topper is comforting and invokes a nurturing feeling as your body contours sink into the soft yet supportive texture of this amazing foam.

2. Bend those knees

A bolster or pillow placed under the knees takes out the curve of the lumbar area (lower back) allowing it to flatten and relax tension in this area.

3. Slip into bed

Microfiber sheets are widely used in our industry for a very good reason. They are more resistant to stains and lingering odors compared to traditional cotton or poly/cotton making them quick and easy to launder. They also have a smooth, silky kind of texture that feels luxurious.

4. Snug as a bug

Using a lightweight down comforter (duvet) has more weight than a polyester filled one that contours to the body giving a greater sense of comfort. Try switching to a cotton blanket during the warmer summer months.

5. Warm & toasty

An electric heat pad/bed warmer makes the bed inviting as we typically associate warmth with relaxation. 

Watch your client unwind with these additions in place and you haven't even started the treatment yet!

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