08 Jun

You’ve taken your time, energy and cash to invest in yourself for the benefit of your clients and learned a new massage technique. Here’s 3 easy ways to promote your new service and spread the word…..

1. Add it On.

If your skincare practice menu is set up as “a la carte” where clients get to choose what additions they would like included in their treatment, your Scalp Massage can easily to added to the list. Simply remember to talk about the benefits this service offers when talking directly to your clients or in any advertising materials.

2. Promo Combo.

If there is a particular seasonal facial or other service you wish to promote and increase bookings for, you could consider combining it with a complimentary scalp massage. This provides added value to the client, increases their relaxation, is cost effective for you as no cost of product is involved and it can be incorporating while the face mask is on so no extra time needs to be added to the service. This is a win-win situation for both you and your client.

3. Make it Yours.

Create your own signature facial and include a scalp massage at the start of each treatment you give. This can be your unique selling point to set you apart from your fellow estheticians.

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