15 Mar

How many times have you treated a client once and then never saw them again? 

One of my mentors Jane Wurwand founder of Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute had a simple phrase when it came to building a client base. "Get them in the book, get them in the bed, then get them to come back!"

All of your marketing efforts will be in vain and cost a lot of money if you only see a client one time. Here are 3 easy ways of increasing your chances that the client will return to you.

1) Tell them when to come back

It may sound over simplified, "Tell them when you want them to come back." But sometimes don't we like to over complicate things? So before you client leaves your business, simply tell them when you recommend their next treatment. Even if it's a maintenance treatment, most people don't know the skin turnover slows down more as they age and professional exfoliation can support this function.

I have witnessed so many clients leave after one treatment without even the suggestion that they return, let alone a solid booking. Suggest a time, date and reason (pertaining to their skin). The worst thing they can say is, "No."

2.) Create a treatment plan

One of the services I provided in England with my home visiting service was electrolysis. I offered a free 45 minute consultation where I would spend the time educating and explaining the process of how it worked and why it takes months to achieve the desired results; permanent hair removal. I would assess their hair and skin, consider possible causes as this influences how long it may take and gave them a few minutes of treatment. After spending that time with each client I never had one client who didn't book and remain loyal for years to come.

3.) Offer a re-booking incentive 

This may not be a permanent feature of your business so as a 6 week promotion you could offer 10% off your next treatment if they book today. Alternatively, you could offer added value to the next treatment. For example, "Book today and receive a complimentary scalp massage with your next treatment."

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