14 Feb

With the skin around the eye area being thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of our face, here are top tips to give extra care, work more efficiently, effectively AND to feel great at the same time.

 1. Support the skin. As we age our skin loses firmness and elasticity, especially around the thinner more delicate eye area. To ensure we are thoroughly cleansing this area on an older skin lightly brace, lift the skin above the brows to slightly stretch and remove the creases from the eyelid. 

2. Use one finger. If you've always applied cleansing product to a cotton circle to clean the eye area, try applying the product directly to your finger and then use light circular movements. Your bare fingertip has much more sensitivity than a cotton pad and can works more effectively. 

3. Warm, moist cotton circles. Wet the cotton circles in a bowl of warm water just before you use them, rather than prepping them before-hand so they are warm and not cold. Try it on yourself and feel the difference. 

4. Squeeze out excess water. Naturally we need to ensure the cotton pads are only damp and not dripping with water as this could enter into the eyes taking cleanser with it. Instead of squeezing the cotton pad with a clenched fist squeeze out the water between flat palms. This saves time on having to flatten the pads out again! 

5. It's not just economical! Most cotton pads are great for general cleansing purposes but when it comes to the eye area we will feel more and have greater control if we separate the cotton disc once it's been moistened. One cotton disc can be split in two. Repeat the bracing of the eye for the removal process, working from the inner eye area across the lid and brow area and return from outer to inner area on the lower eye lid following the fibers of the underlying Orbicularis Oculi muscle. 

Fast, efficient, economical and MOST importantly it will feel great.

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