15 Jan

New Year is a great time for forming and implementing new strategies or tactics to help build our business and promote client loyalty. It is often stated that it’s way more costly to acquire a new client versus retaining the one you currently have. 

In fact, according to the business magazine Forbes.com it costs 5 to 7 times more depending on the industry you’re in. So, what makes a client loyal to you? Why do your clients return to you month after month? 

For many clients’ convenience, parking and location are important.

Familiarity is another reason. We humans like to stick with the known as long as your services are enjoyable and they’re happy with the results. Remember, results are not solely based on visual results but also how you’ve made the client feel. 

Price is often a factor for most of us. Even in a small town you’ll find different spas and estheticians charging a whole range of prices for their services. 

Maybe they love the skincare brands you use and maybe it's all or none of the above reasons.

But one thing is for sure, they like YOU! They like you for so many reasons.

It could be that you’re always smiling and are genuinely happy to see them. You’re punctual and rarely ever keep clients waiting. 

You’re reliable and would only ever cancel clients’ appointments unless there was some dire emergency. 

Some common reasons clients said what they liked about my service when I was a mobile beauty therapist in the UK, everything was sanitary and spotlessly clean. 

I was pretty darn good at a whole array of treatments, from waxing, manicures, electrolysis and facials. I had several affluent clients who regularly visited and stayed at destination spas and paid 3 times the price for the same service and reported back that mine were even better!

Let’s face it, we would all love every client to visit us every 4 weeks religiously but that is rarely the case. 

Life circumstances can change in an instant; illness, job loss, moving area, economic resources, sometimes death are some of the reasons we lose clients permanently and all of these things are out of our control. 

Instead, let’s focus on what we can control and maybe implement some new tactics for the new year. 

Update Client Record/Intake Forms   

Ensuring clients’ personal information is up to date is a great habit to form at the start of the year. It allows you to check in with skincare goals which may result in you modifying the treatment or home care products or even introduce a treatment plan for them. 

If you’ve never taken a client date of birth or birth date before it’s useful to notate on their records. Why not send your clients a birthday card in the mail along with an invitation for a free mini service when they come for a facial during their birthday month. It could be a complimentary hand and arm maggase, brow wax, or a lip balm. 

Up Your Customer Service Skills   

Customer service skills are free to implement and take no extra time out of your day. I know it may sound silly but do you smile at your clients? I have worked and trained with so many estheticians, beauty therapists, hair stylists and massage therapists who don’t understand the importance of this. 

Using the clients name is another simple but not obvious form of customer service. Offering a beverage, a clean bathroom, to charge their phone, hang their coat, offering an umbrella when it’s raining. 

Use Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty Program Points based programs reward clients with points for each purchase making them popular in salons and spas. When customers reach a certain number of points, they can cash those points and get a free or discounted product or service. Online scheduling apps make this an easy strategy to implement these days.

If you found this information useful please leave a comment below or better still tell us how you maintain a loyal clientele.

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