30 Mar

Most of us estheticians come into this industry because we want to help people feel good. Today's esthetic client has multiple options to receive a good service, the marketplace is quite saturated. While we want to ensure we are performing a first class service let's consider additional ways to put the care into our services.

1. Give a helping hand.

Not all client's are fully mobile or have abs of steel. Some may struggle to sit up after lying flat for a while. If you have used a bolster under their knees remove this at the end of the treatment as it may make it more difficult to sit upright. Place one hand on their upper back and reach the other hand out in front  for them to grip on to. Even if the client is able to sit up on their own a helping hand on their shoulder gives a reassuring, caring feel. Remember this can also apply at the start of the treatment, they may need a hand to lay back.

2. A light refreshment.

Have a small mat or tray with a glass of fruit infused water along with a mint ready at the end of the treatment. A real glass shows more care than a disposable cup and better for the environment even if it is recyclable. When a client is in a deeply relaxed state their mouth can become dry, think of how you feel when you first wake up in the morning. You may want to add a sanitized comb so they may tidy their hair before leaving your room.

3. Assist with their coat.

If your client is wearing a coat or jacket hang it on a coat hanger rather than just a hook. At the end of the treatment assist them back into the garment by holding it at the shoulders as they slip their arms into it.

These simple steps may sound "over the top" if you've never given or received this level of customer care. Try it out for a week and see how your clients respond.

If these tips have been helpful to you please let me know below and share with a fellow service professional.

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