how you'll benefit image
There are several benefits you'll gain when learning new techniques with me.

For your business
  • Expands and adds variety to your service menu for increased client satisfaction. It is a fact, satisfied clients return to you.
  • Increased client satisfaction = increased re-bookings = increased revenue.
  • Offer a wider choice of massage techniques for a truly customized facial.
For you
  • It encourages your hands to become more dexterous leading to a more refined touch.
  • Fuels your passion and feeds your soul's desire to help clients feel better.
  • Deepens your mindfulness, stillness and awareness to benefit YOU as well as your client.
For you clients
  • By broadening your repertoire of massage skills, you are more equipped to have a positive effect on different skin conditions you treat on a daily basis, rather than one technique you originally learned at beauty school.
  • Stress leads to inflammation and inflammation is an underlying cause of many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, premature ageing and pigmentation. Reduce their stress and improve their skin.