17 Jul

Apart from using the fabulous feeling eye effleurage in your massage sequences, as shown in this month’s *vlog, these addition touch techniques can also be incorporated within a facial protocol at several different stages. 

We have specific eye products to use within a facial protocol; eye masques, eye serums and eye creams/gels. Each one may be applied in a different way to enhance the sensory experience for your client, giving greater client satisfaction.

Eye masques are generally applied at the same time as the face masque. Hydrating, cooling gel-based masques are ideal to use in the delicate eye area as they are easy to apply and remove, requiring minimal pulling and tugging on the skin. 

Effleurage Application Technique 1: 

  • Prepare your client, especially first-time clients, that the product will be cool. 
  • Starting at the right temple, sweep under the right eye to the inner corner, and continue up between the brows, sweep over the left brow area out laterally to the left temple. 
  • Reload your fan brush and repeat the same movement from the left temple, under the left eye and out across the right brow area. 
  • With product now applied, perform figure of 8 movements 3 times to evenly smooth out the product.

Eye Serums are typically applied at the end of the treatment and left on the skin to deeply absorb. If you’re using a serum with a liquid, loose gel or lightweight cream consistency, try the following application method.

Effleurage Application Technique 2: 

  • Using one or two fingertips, lightly dot serum around the eyes on upper and lower eye orbits. 
  • Lightly sweep from the temples, under the eyes, between the brows and across the brow bones returning to the temples several times. Ensure you spread the product evenly to the skin of the eyes with each effleurage movement. 
  • Finish the application with 3 slow, temple circles.

Eye Cream/Gel is applied following the eye serum application to seal in the serum and protect the skin from dehydration as well as strengthening the barrier. Generally having a heavy weight than an eye serum we can use this technique to ensure better absorption.

 Effleurage Application Technique 3:

  • Smooth eye cream between ring fingers and lightly effleurage from the temples, under the eyes, between the brows and over the brows to the temples. 
  • Using light small, circular rotary movements work the product into the under-eye area. Sweep up between the brows applying firmer pressure over the Procerus muscle smoothing out the frown lines finishing at the temples.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary until the product absorbs. 

Test out the application techniques for an enhanced touch. If you found this info useful please comment below and share it with a fellow esthetician.

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