12 Apr

Imagine you have just learned a new massage technique to incorporate into your skincare services and you want to let all of your clients know about it or better still book in for the service.

Afterall, you've invested the time, energy and cost to learning something new and naturally want to put into practice what you've learned, see a return on your investment and give an even greater experience to your clients.

Here’s 3 easy and cost-effective ways of introducing the service to your clients…. 

  •  Give it away for free! Sounds crazy eh? You could run a promotion for a month and add in the new technique for free when they book in for your highest valued facial, as an example. Remember to let the client know how much the add-on would normally be and all of the benefits it is providing to their skin. It really is only costing you an extra 10 minutes of time but you’re allowing the client to experience the technique which could lead to future bookings.

  • Reward when they buy! Another approach is to offer the technique for free when they purchase over $100 worth of product. For example, if you want to promote the Revitalizing Eye Massage create a promotion where if the client buys an eye serum and eye cream, they get the massage for free. This could be run as a one-day event or ongoing for a month.

  • Exclusive V.I.P. Invitation! Select 3-4 of your best, most regular clients at a time to a private sneak-peak event before launching your new technique. Demonstrate the technique on each client so they can experience it for themselves Provide some nibbles and refreshments and a goody bag with a few skincare samples to take home. Offer an incentive to book in a series of skincare services including your new technique, 6 for the price of 5.

These are just a few examples of how we could promote our services and our businesses. Get creative with your promotional ideas and create a “win, win” situation for everyone!

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