14 Jun

We know there are multiple reasons to always complete an intake/consultation form with each new client.

Checking their health history, listing medications and known allergies are vitally important to ensure the treatment we intend to give is safe and suitable.

Taking personal info; contact information, birthday and finding out how they heard about you is extremely useful for future marketing.

Discussing their skin concerns and current skincare regimen helps us understand what their needs are and is a prime time to educate and discuss future treatments.

As professional, licensed estheticians we have a duty to be punctual, professional, polite, knowledgeable and skilled at what we do. We can display this at the start of the treatment by conducting the consultation.

An even greater benefit of conducting a formal consultation is the opportunity you have to create and build rapport with your client.

I believe this is the number 1 reason why our regular clients return to us time and time again; because they like us and we have something in common.

Finding common ground shows you understand them and have empathy. This could be something skin related. If they have acne, for example, share with them some successful client outcomes you’ve had and you understand how distressing this condition can be. Or share your own experience of how you treated your own skin if you had acne in the past.

Rather than hand the intake form to the client to complete alone, sit next to them and ask the questions yourself. This way you can have eye contact which builds trust and shows you are interested and actively listening to them. You can ask for clarification as you need so it becomes a conversation not an interrogation.

It is advisable to let the first-time client know ahead of time there will be a 10-minute complimentary consultation before the service begins.

Using their name regularly again helps build trust and your likeability. If you’re not likeable you’ll have a harder time building a regular clientele. 

Think of a service professional you visit regularly. Why do you return to them? For me, Paul Garcia is a very talented hair stylist. I am particular about getting a great haircut which Paul gives me every time but I also like him as a person. Sure, there are hundreds of skilled hair stylists closer to me than my 100 mile round trip into San Francisco, but to me Paul is worth the drive.

Is this all you need to do to build a success practice? If only that was the case. You still have to be great at all the other aspects of giving great services but it certainly is a step in the right direction.

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