27 Apr

Every time we touch our client we are given the opportunity to tantalize their touch receptors. Try these fun ways to apply product to enhance absorption while at the same time giving sensory delight.

1. Box Press

This method of application is ideal when applying a small amount of product, used sparingly, over the entire facial area. I like to use this method when applying a *concentrated essential oil blend in a carrier oil and giving an aromatherapy face massage. Due to the high percentage of essential oils in these types of products, only 6 drops are needed per use.

Simply dispense 6 drops into one palm, lightly smooth palms together to evenly spread the product (don't rub palms together because your palms will absorb some of the oil) then, at the same time, press right hand across the forehead as the left hand cups the chin and lower jaw.

Lift off and press both hands on cheeks.

Lift off and press left hand across the forehead as the right hand cups the chin and lower jaw.

Lift off and press both hands on cheeks. The skin will be lightly covered with product and ready to receive the massage.

Hold for the count of 2 with full hand contact on each press.

*An example of concentrated essential oil blend is Eve Taylor's Aromatic Serums.

2. Raindrop Method

When you only have a few drops of a product to apply, a serum for example, dispense onto a couple of fingertips then lightly smooth over rest of fingertips. With fast light pressure tapotement over the forehead, down the cheeks, across the chin and jaw finishing down the neck.

Imagine the feeling of raindrops falling on the skin. This is the type of sensation we're aiming for. You may want to consider practicing on yourself to feel the light, rhythmical tapping sensation and hone your technique before using on a client!

3. Pipette Method

Some products are dispensed from their containers via a pipette or nozzle. Generally, these products are concentrated such as serums and only applied in a drop or two.

With fingertips of one hand touching the skin, drip the serum onto the skin at this contact point. The fingertips can easily "catch" the serum and with light circular motions work into the skin. Use this technique when you want to be very specific in application, e.g. applying a liquid serum around the eyes, a brightening serum when treating hyper-pigmentation or anti-bacterial serum on a pustule.

If you found this information useful and you're going to try them out please leave a comment below. Also consider sharing this information with a fellow esthetician.

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