12 Jul

I’m pretty sure most of your clients are so happy to be back in your treatment room, on your treatment bed and feel soothed by your nurturing touch. I know my clients are. If you don’t offer touch techniques (massage) as an add-on, here are 4 superb reasons to consider it, although there are many more. 

Touch is vital to our health and well-being. Tiffany Field PhD, director of the Touch Research Institutes at University of Miami, has researched and written extensively on the subject. Stress reduction, pain reduction, growth and development, immune function and auto-immune disorders have all been shown to be helped by touch and massage. These benefits are also reflected in the health of the skin. 

  • Massage improves skin

 Prolonged stress in the body whether it’s physical or psychological has been shown to have a detrimental effect on the skin. One of the stress hormones, cortisol, normally has an anti-inflammatory effect but under long-term stress conditions the cells become resistant to the hormone and inflammation persists. Massage has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in the body leading to less inflammation and better functioning and healthier looking skin.   

  • Extremely cost effective

 Scroll through the menu of any spa whether on the High St or high end 5-star resort spa, massage is always the most effective service to give. It can be effectively performed using only one product, a massage medium, and the smallest amount of product is needed. Even if you’re using a quality clean, organic massage oil, for an entire body product cost will be less than $1.00! Scalp massage can be performed with NO product at all. 

  • Builds client loyalty

 Clients can maintain their skincare regime at home, and of course we want them to, but they can’t gain all the benefits of massage if they perform it on themselves. Sure, the skin will get the benefit of being “exercised” but you can’t fully relax when your hands and arms are working manipulating the intricate facial muscles. This factor can help build your client loyalty and return bookings. 

  • Add-on to ANY service

We often associate massage with a facial or skincare treatment. Why not consider a scalp massage or a shoulder massage to any esthetics service? This can help calm a nervous client prior to a hair removal service. Or relax the body into a receptive state before a long lash service. Get creative and break the rules! 

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