30 Aug

With our eyes the focal point of our faces these days (we can't see the rest of the face  because of face coverings) Here are 5 tips on keeping skin and eyes nourished and energized. 

Back in March 2020, I shared some tips on cleansing the eye area. Today's tips are on self-care/home-care we can do on ourselves and share with our clients and some can transfer into the treatment room.

It's all about the blink, not bling! 

When you first wake up in the morning help drain the stagnant lymph that has pooled in the eye area all night by blinking strongly and deliberately 5 times. I picked up this tip from Dr. Peter Pugliese, author and founder of Circadia skincare whilst attending his lecture at Face & Body trade show several years ago.

Bring back the sparkle

Recently, I was giving a Reiki treatment and placed my hands over my client's eyes. It reminded me of an exercise I used to do in a Chi Gong class. Rub both palms together to create warmth. Place the center of the palm over closed eyes and leave there for at least 30 seconds. longer if you have the time.

This can be a great midday exercise if you're feeling eye strain from staring at a screen or focused on a task.

Energize the cells

When applying an eye serum, you may have more time in the evening, consider using an Eye Rejuvenator. This hand held microcurrent device warms up and encourages deeper penetration of product. The energizing effects of microcurrent build ATP, cellular energy, and stimulates fibroblast activity for firmer skin. 

Available from https://www.shelleyhancock.com/ with a professional account.

Cool it baby

Ice globes could be used straight after using the Eye Rejuvenator to cool the skin to de-puff the skin, encourage lymph drainage and help seal in the serum. Use light pressure to circle around the eyes, particularly the lower orbit. Be careful of cheap products. Ice globes are very popular right now and sometimes quality can be compromised.

A reputable brand of ice globes come from www.allegramf.com

Pillow and rest

Eye pillows can also be calming and soothing with gentle weight on the eyeballs themselves. Flaxseeds are an ideal filling for eye pillows due to their weight and size. As long as the pillow isn't too large, the seeds should contour into the nooks and crannies of the eyes. Even resting with the eye pillow on for 3 minutes can refresh the eyes.

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