05 Oct

Regardless of your facial protocol when treating an acneic skin it is highly recommended to include some form of touch therapy. Learn which massage techniques to incorporate and why.

1. Facial Acupressure is recommended for acne as long as there is no pustule, nodule or cyst overlying the specific acupoint. If this is the case simply avoid pressing on that point.

2. Lymphatic drainage massage performed with the hands, not cupping or gua sha, is a featherlight technique that works specifically on the lymphatic system within the skin meaning blood flow is not stimulated. It activates the lymphocytes, cells responsible for neutralizing toxins throughout the various layers of the dermis.

3.When dealing with inflamed acne, grades 2, 3 or 4 it is not advisable to perform a stimulating massage. Stimulating massage generally applies to techniques that stimulate blood flow as well as sebaceous glands. European massage is an example of stimulating massage.

4. While the mask is on incorporate a European massage on the décolleté, upper back and neck. The multiple benefits of a stress reducing massage will have a knock-on effect of reducing cortisol and therefore inflammation, release neurotransmitters to improve sense of well being and calm the fight and flight response of the nervous system.

5. Perform a Stress Reducing Scalp Massage at the start of the treatment to calm your client prior to any deep extractions you may need to perform. Relax the client and the skin will also relax helping the extraction process.

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