14 Mar

Whilst the exact cause of rosacea is still unknown, we do know it is a progressive, vascular inflammatory disorder which can be characteristically identified by facial erythema. It is categorized into four subtypes with characteristics ranging from mild flushing and redness through to severe inflammation with thickened excess skin tissue.

Rosacea affects millions of women and men throughout the world. There is no known cure for this skin condition but its symptoms can be managed.

One of the main focuses of a facial protocol when treating this skin condition is to reduce redness, calm the inflammation and reduce heat. Whenever we are treating a skin with inflammation, by nature, it will be more sensitive and requires a more refined touch.

Here are 5 top tips when treating this condition.

1. Use a lighter touch

Whether you’re applying or removing products lighten the amount of pressure you use. You still need to be thorough when removing products, it may simply mean more gentle wiping action rather than a firmer touch with fewer moves.

2. Avoid friction

Use taklon masque brushes rather than natural bristles. Synthetic polyester fibers have a silky smooth texture which provides a silky, a type of smooth polyester fiber. Opt for soft microfiber pads or towels to remove product, they have a gentler action on the skin than regular sponges or towels. 

3. Include non-stimulating massage

As stress plays a major part in rosacea flare ups, massage is definitely indicated for this client. However, European face massage which is rather stimulating and increases blood flow is not the best choice. Instead opt for lymphatic drainage massage, facial acupressure or other non-stimulating massage techniques instead.

4. Keep it cool 

Choose devices and equipment that cool the skin rather than increase temperature. Electric atomizers such as Dr. Lucas championniere are perfect for treating this condition. It works by passing a stream of air over the top of a thin tube connected to a reservoir of fluid. This creates a low pressure area on the top of the tube which draws the liquid up the tube producing a very fine spray which is more readily absorbed by the skin. The spray is cool and can be used multiple times throughout the facial treatment and water soluble anti-inflammatory ingredients can be added to the water.

5. Iontophoresis

Using a galvanic machine on the positive pole, iontophoresis, is fantastic for reducing redness by contracting the small capillaries. At the same time it can be used to drive anti-inflammatory serums deeper into the skin.

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