17 Jan

Increasing the "Feel-good Factor" of your facial treatments increases your clients enjoyment, shows your professionalism and concern for your clients comfort and greatly improves your repeat booking ration. After all, satisfied clients do return.


  1. Your hands. Make sure your hands are warm and toasty before starting the massage, very few people like the feeling of cold hands. Even if you are wearing gloves, the temperature of your hands will be felt through the material of the gloves.

There are several ways to warm your hands if they have a tendency to be cold. You may have seen a variety of instant hand warmers in the form of plastic filled sachets which can work well if you need heat for a long period of time. Some may be disposable, some re-usable depending on the brand. Holding warm basalt stones as used in hot stone massage is a re-usable method if you have any at hand. Personally, I find immersing the whole hand in a bowl of hot water for at least 30 seconds works best for me. So, while the client is undressing and getting ready for their treatment is the ideal time to clean and sanitize your hands and warming them at the same time. Consider the texture of the skin on your hands. Are they rough and chapped? How about the texture of the skin on your hands? We can be exposed to many drying chemicals so keep them soft and supple with frequent moisturizing. 

  1. Application of the Medium. How we apply the massage medium can also feel as great as the massage itself. I’ve often seen learners dabbing the product here and there without a specific sequence. Once the product is spread between your hands, the aim is to have an even application of product so lightly begin spreading on décolleté, up the neck and onto face using a flowing effleurage technique otherwise all the product will be left on the décolleté. 
  1. Your Technique. Consider your pressure, is it too heavy? Too light? Check in with your client if you’re not sure. Ensure you’re working at a slow rhythmical if relaxation is your objective. Begin and end each movement as it is meant to be, stay mindful to avoid becoming slack and lazy. Imagine you are receiving it yourself, imagine how wonderful it feels.
  1. Your Treatment bed. When was the last time you laid on your treatment bed? If your treatment bed has seen better days but a new bed is not in your budget, an easy fix is to top it off with a layer of memory foam below your bottom sheet. It feels heavenly to lie on! Bear in mind that some clients are not comfortable lying flat whether it’s breathing problems, spinal issues or even larger breasted ladies. If your bed is not adjustable have pillows at hand to support them. 
  1. Keep them toasty. Add a heat pad for chilly days or for those clients who are always cold. We have multiple options for covering the client from fuzzy microfiber blankets to squishy down comforters. While these seem ideal to snuggle down with hormonal fluctuations may also play a factor in this preference.
  1. Remember the extremities. For clients with Reynauds syndrome or simply poor circulation they would appreciate a warm towel or heated booties and mitts to heat those frosty digits.
  1. Ease the Strain. A bolster under the knees will take the strain off the lower back or a rolled towel under their neck. Even better if it’s a warm one! 

And now may the treatment begin!

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