02 Aug

I have no doubt at all that your clients will be "over the moon" and probably in a great mood once they are allowed to resume their esthetics services with you. 

Whether it's for hair removal, a facial, lash enhancements why not add an extra 5 minutes to the treatment for a complimentary massage. Work their shoulders, soothe their scalp or nurture their neck and boost their mood even more!

How? The simple act of massage will get another brain chemical released for a positive outcome. 

Dopamine is another "feel-good" neurotransmitter, a chemical that’s released from a nerve cell to send a message to an adjacent cell, released by the brain during pleasant sensations such as massage.

It also feeds the reward center of the brain when we eat food, we crave leading to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Dopamine increases motivation, drive, helps regulate movement, learning and emotional responses.

In order for the body to make dopamine it must have the amino acid tyrosine. Eating foods such as cheese, meats, fish, dairy, soy, seeds, nuts, beans and lentils provide the necessary amino acid.

We know a well balanced diet along with regular sleep patterns, regular exercise and healthy ways to manage stress; meditation and breath work are all forms of self-care that will also contribute to healthy dopamine levels. 

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