22 Jun

It has been said that the developed Western world is touch starved as we increasingly rely on and use technology giving us less day to day contact with fellow humans. For our safety we have stayed home, hopefully with loved ones but when clients do return for treatments, they will be craving your expert touch.

I believe in the power of human touch which can improve our mood and general well-being. 

Numerous studies have been done with young animals, including babies, where the importance of touch during the early stages of development leads to better overall health. In some species if this ritual is neglected by the mother the offspring can actually die.

As adults we still derive benefits such as reduced stress, better sleep, lower blood pressure, slower heart rate when we receive pleasant touch.

The touch receptors in the skin relay messages to the brain and it responds by releasing neurotransmitters and signalling hormones. One of these chemicals is serotonin. Low levels of this brain chemical lead to depression and anti-depression medication addresses this deficiency. Massage can increase serotonin secretion resulting in our clients feeling uplifted and happier.

Sunshine, happy thoughts and exercise can also cause an increase in serotonin levels.

Even if you don’t normally massage during your facial treatments, take 2 minutes (longer is better) and give some thumb rotations on the trapezius muscle and help your clients feel happier.

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