16 Jan

Before you start practicing this smooth effleurage technique, ensure you set yourself up for success.

Correct chair height. 

Ensure you can comfortably reach and move your arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists. For most people adjusting your chair so elbows are at treatment bed height when your sitting, will feel most comfortable.

If you’re too low, you’ll use too much effort sweeping across the trapezius making you more tired at the end of the day. 

If you’re sitting too high, you run the risk of putting extra strain on your wrists.

Use enough product.

Ideally, dispense the correct amount of massage medium so you have enough slip and glide throughout the massage sequence. The drier or more dehydrated skin will require more product as it will absorb and soak into the skin faster. Generally speaking the higher the oil content the slower the absorption into the skin will be and provide longer slip and glide than products with a higher water content such as lotions.

Also take into account the height and weight of a client. The smaller the client the less product you'll need and vice versa.

Stay mindful.

Once you’ve practiced the technique a few times and have found your rhythm stay mindful of your speed, pressure and smooth rhythm.

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