13 Feb

Although we can’t see, hear or smell chi, it is something you can touch. You just need to know where to access it. Chi is also referred to as subtle energy that travels around specific pathways known as meridians. The 12 standard meridians that run on the surface of the body are named after the major organ through which it passes, as well as 2 additional meridians; Pericardium and Triple Heater, not connected to a specific organ system. 

Along each meridian there are areas of less resistance. It is at these points where chi can be touched. These are known as acupoints. These are the same points used with needles for acupuncture and fingertips for acupressure. According to TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chi is the subtle energy that animates and informs everything, the energy required for life. The modalities of acupuncture, acupressure and even tai chi and chi gong exercise increase and improve the flow of chi. 

In esthetics, we can utilize specific points on the face, head and neck for the re-energizing and revitalizing tissues of the face in a totally non-invasive, nurturing and safe way. At the same time, the entire body gently falls into a deeply relaxed state. Even though we are working on the face, because the meridians are pathways for chi throughout the body, the entire body and mind are both relaxed and re-energized. 

Here’s how you can tap into your client’s energy at the start of any facial service. Locate the temple area of the face. This is located between the frontal bone and zygomatic bone, where there is a natural indentation. This is acupoint Yin Tang. Simply place both middle fingers on both sides of the forehead and apply the press release technique. Repeat slowly for 7 times.

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