17 Apr

Learning how to perform an effective ear massage and include it in your face massage sequence is a pretty simple technique to learn but does require some acute observation of the client’s body language, facial gestures or any audible feedback you may hear.

All massage is subjective, meaning the recipient uses personal taste and preference to determine whether the massage is good or bad. What one person may love another may strongly dislike. This is especially true when it comes to ear massage. Some people love their ears massaged and some don’t. Some people are sensitive to noises and sounds close to their ears. 

If you don’t normally massage the ears during your face massage, you may wish to ask your client if they have any sensitivities with their ears before you begin. Ask for feedback after the treatment too. If they weren’t too keen, omit it next time. There will be clients who will want you to include it every time too.

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In this month’s video I showed 2 ways to massage the ear lobes avoiding movements too close to the ear canal which could be potentially noisy to the client. Here are a few more techniques to try out. 

Technique 3

By simply pulling slowly downwards on the ear lobes in a slow rhythmical manner can also be deeply relaxing. Repeat 6 times. 

Technique 4 

Using your middle fingers apply circular motions to the skin behind the ear and the hairless skin between the ear and the scalp. Follow the hairline from the top of the ears to behind the ear. Work slowly up and down, 3 times. 

Technique 5 

For clients who love having their entire ear massaged, slow petrissage ears rotations up and down the entire ear perimeter including the lobes, will feel awesome. Repeat at least 3 times.

Add one or more to your regular face massage sequence, at the start or the end to deepen your client's relaxation experience with you.

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