11 Apr

With spring in full swing in the northern hemisphere, prepare your clients skin for the warmer days ahead. As we transition to skimpier, cooler clothing we’ll be revealing areas that were under wrap for the past few months of winter. Here are top tips for you to introduce and create a seasonal Neck, Dec & Shoulder Treatment. You could offer this add-on to any facial treatment and earn an extra $20 - $40. 

Modify Bed Set Up 

If you don’t normally drape your treatment bed with a bath towel at the head, lay one down to absorb any water or product that may accidentally trickle around the back of the neck and shoulders during cleansing. Next, fold a small hand towel to make a flat “pillow”. Be sure this is placed under the occiput and not the neck as it will create more space to access back of neck and shoulders.  

Extend the Cleanse  

While cleansing the face also include; 

  • the décolleté/upper chest area
  • front, sides and back of neck
  • top, sides and back of shoulders extending across upper back to neck.

 Unless you’re using a warm steamer work briskly over the area, once water has been introduced as is necessary with most cleansers, it will evaporate and cool the body quickly as a large area is being covered. Have warm steam towels at the ready for swift removal and warm the client. 

Desquamate the Dec

Fine textured facial scrubs are an ideal choice of exfoliant for most skins. Go gentler on the front of neck and décolleté area where skin is typical much thinner but don’t be afraid to use more pressure on the shoulders and upper back where the skin is naturally coarser. Consider using an enzyme if breakouts are present on the upper back.  

Soothe & Smooth 

Warm a fine textured vegetable oil base such as grapeseed between your palms, effleurage under the jaw, down the neck, across the décolleté, shoulders, upper back and neck to begin a 10-minute European Massage sequence. Benefits the texture of the skin, hydrates and nourishes the area, calms and relaxes the client as nerve endings are soothed and tense muscles are smoothed. 

  • If you need to update your massage skills, check out my NEW online Soothing & Smoothing Upper Body Massage. Click the orange button "online courses" in top right of your screen.

Hydrate and Nourish

For dry, parched, sun damaged skin you could consider leaving the massage oil on the skin and masque over the top. Select an oil-based masque as water based one will be repelled by the oil. For dehydrated skin, remove oil and select a hydrating masque. These are often gel based and will feel very cold on application. 

Check with product manufacturer if the masque is safe to be heated. If so, ALWAYS TEST WARM PRODUCT ON SELF BEFORE APPLYING TO CLIENTS SKIN. Cover with strips of plant based compostable food wrap* one across the front of the body and once across the back to keep client warm. Place a towel over upper chest and tuck under shoulders.

Stay Sun Safe 

Complete the treatment with lashings of SPF to protect the freshly exfoliated area. Educate your clients to include the neck and décolleté every day. This area is often exposed and vulnerable to sun damage and premature aging. 

- So, you can see how each typical step of a facial can be extended onto the upper body. 

- Offer the service for a limited time of 6-12 weeks making it a seasonal treatment you could roll out each year. 

- If you currently include this area in your service, you could use a different exfoliant or include a specialty masque, such as hydro jelly or alginate based on the décolleté and place a warm, flaxseed filled pillow under the neck. Use a floral hydrosol such as lavender, chamomile or rose in cleansing water and on steam towels bringing the element of blossoming flowers! 


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